2022 Mini JCW Convertible Review

The 2022 Mini JCW (John Cooper Works) Cabriolet new performance after learning the minus aspects of the former JCW model, the Mini has made many changes to the JCW 2022 range that applies to both hardtops and convertibles. We’ll start with the looks as it is by far the most controversial.2022 Mini JCW

2022 John Cooper Works Changes

The Mini gave the JCW a whole new front end with updated LED headlights and a much larger grille with square vents to increase the engine’s cooling capacity. It all sounds a lot more boring than the previous JCW. The car’s grille was still hidden in the honeycomb, but the face was cheerful and friendly. JCW’s new face looks bloodthirsty after the incoming air and the bugs. The photo says it doesn’t show him in the best light. The overall small size of the Mini mitigates the lattice effect as if it looks long and not scaled and threatening.

In addition to the front changes, the Mini features a JCW with a new rear diffuser that retains the signature Union Jack taillights that are fun at night. Everything hangs up nicely, but it’s no longer a cute mini. Instead of looking like a cute, gentle bunny, he’s now a wild raccoon.

Another big change in 2022 Mini JCW is the new optional adaptive damping system. According to MINI, the new Selective Damper technology enables smoother driving on bumpy roads. In contrast, the hard setting is 10% more aggressive than before and Mini claims to make the track even more agile. Nevertheless! Our test car was not equipped with these shock absorbers, but with a heavy-duty JCW sports suspension as standard.

Unless you aim for the main head like all Minis do, this 2022 Mini JCW convertible is pretty stiff and uncomfortable. Are Rude People Allowed? Yes, that’s fine in this context. But don’t even think about taking a sip of water on a bad road. You will soon have a drink and the passengers can be with you. We hope that one day we will have a chance to hit adaptive dampers and see the difference they make.2022 JCW Interior

Put the JCW Cabriolet on the designated road and you will drive safely. Most useful is the Mini’s compact and practical size. The JCW convertible is only 152.8 inches long, which is too small for a new car these days. Even a convertible with an electric top and automatic transmission as standard costs only £ 3,071. It’s not lightweight in its footprint, but it’s still lightweight in the larger context of today’s new cars.

By combining the compact size with all the chassis parts from JCW, you get a happy and fun super sports car. It leans firmly against the MINI in the corners and is well balanced for the type of driver who always wants to feel behind the car. It can be front wheel drive, but you can use the steering wheel to play the rear wheels however you want. This is the mark of a front-wheel drive vehicle designed for the car enthusiast. The suspension limits are sloped like the previous JCW, but not enough to suppress all landing gear actions.

Even if the Mini opts to have a relatively small tread (205 summer tires) on all four corners, you can still enjoy the road without stretching the G-meter beyond 1.0G. This also applies to power. A mini-claim of 0-60 mph will occur in 6.3 seconds (the crank control starts to see first, second, and third scratches on the tires). It’s pretty fun, but not enough to get a normal speed estimate. It’s safe to say that the Mini is lagging behind its potential rivals, but I don’t think there’s an issue with the 228 horsepower and 235 lb-ft of torque of a front-wheel drive performance car.2022 John Cooper Work

I have a complaint. The sports steering setup is an artificially heavy touch (although it vaguely reminds me of the original 2000s Mini revival). Setting the Mini to Medium makes it more natural, but if you don’t have a single or custom mode, you’ll need to use it in sports to increase exhaust noise and improve throttle response. Unfortunately, this Mini is convertible. In other words, it’s been hacked the way it used to be, with the top cut off. The chassis doesn’t feel smooth inside and outside the corners, but it’s not as stiff as a hard surface. There is a little wobbling in the bonnet, and if you hit the hill a little hard or hit the brake pedal hard, you will feel a big penalty (192 pounds). The 4-piston Brembo engine still has enough braking power to convert, but the hardtop needs more attention when stopping.

After all, it’s a shame that you can only get an automatic with a JCW convertible. The driver version of the JCW 2-door is definitely a hardtop, but the ride quality will be more enjoyable with three pedals. The 8-speed automatic is at least perfectly entertaining. In sports, activation and deactivation occur at the right time, and the paddles (albeit a little smaller and made of plastic) react quickly. In addition, cracks and bumps are reduced layer by layer.

If you use JCW daily, the JCW up / down sequence will continue. The Mini offers two different ways to determine how intimate you are in the wind. By default, you can get a full-width sunroof by simply pressing the top of the canvas against the backrest of the front seats. Then there’s a fully convertible setup that pushes up the seatback and folds the tailgate-yes, it’s a tailgate like a pickup truck. Unfortunately, the Mini chose to mount the roof above the tailgate, so the rear view is almost completely blocked from top to bottom. It’s like driving a pickup truck because it relies entirely on the Mini’s rearview mirror to check for incoming traffic. Windshields are required for highway driving on low roofs. Without the windshield, passengers’ screams are almost inaudible at low volume. These weaknesses and quirks were also common in early generation convertibles.2022 JCW Cabriolet

On the other hand, the position of the mini on the tailgate means that the trunk does not change when the roof is folded. Of course, the “space” is relative, only 5.2 cubic meters, but you can save the whole shopping there (even if the bread is L). Lower the rear seats to the folded position to increase the available luggage space. It’s a spacious place that’s perfect for putting things in. We also have pre-assembled office chairs, so don’t underestimate them.

Technically, Mini upgraded its infotainment system from a 6.5-inch touchscreen display to an 8.8-inch display this year. It’s still boring and unintuitive to use with strange graphics and strange menu structures. You have a wireless Apple CarPlay that is difficult to connect in the industry and you don’t have Android Auto. The digital array is a great tech upgrade from a pre-update of a unique cluster of instruments, but the graphics aren’t as sharp as the touch screen, and the screen itself is partially illuminated up and down. The Mini also offers a new steering wheel with the wrong button position. I accidentally pressed the button while turning it all the time. But at least the wheels themselves are fine, and the custom-made, well-reinforced JCW seats are even better.

2022 Mini JCW Convertible

2022 Mini JCW Price

And all of the 2022 Mini JCW can be yours at the low price of $ 45,850, the final price of our testers. Prior to the plans and options, it was $ 39,750. There aren’t many convertible options in this price range, most are rear-wheel drive, but they are all complete options. All front-wheel drive competitors have a roof. So if your goal is a convertible, check out Miata, Mustang, and Camaro Convertible. The Mini is the cheapest option in almost every scenario, so it doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with. But we can’t help but love the little mini. Champion JCW Cabriolet is fun, so it falls into hell with many flaws, and it’s the most important aspect of a roofless car.