2022 Lexus LC500 Convertible have Marine Blue in Japan

2022 Lexus LC500 Convertible – Lexus LC Japanese customers can now enjoy a wide variety of exterior and interior colors, including a marine option exclusive to the LC 500 Convertible. The announcement was made on Thursday with the announcement of some minor workmanship improvements.2022 Lexus-LC500-Convertible-Marine-Blue

2022 Lexus LC500 Convertible Color

The Marine Blue option gives the LC top an elegant navy blue tone and combines it with a matching interior. However, not the entire cockpit is colored blue. Instead, cobalt tones are carefully applied to the steering wheel, dashboard pads, gear shift levers and door trim panels. Most of the interior is actually white, which gives the two-tone cabin a chic travel feel.

In addition, Lexus introduced two new colors on the Japanese LC panel. Sonic Iridium similar to other silver variants and Khaki Mica Metallic Terrain similar to the beautiful special edition Nori Green, which was received in the USA. Dedicated to the convertible and now available in the 2022 Lexus LC500 Convertible and LC500h coupes. The buyer can also tick the box for the new orange caliper.2022 Lexus-LC500-Convertible-Marine-Blue interior

Lexus also said that fine-tuning the coil springs, shock absorbers and stabilizers improves the steering feel, ride comfort and handling of the LC in high turns. In addition to the variable ratio steering settings and dynamic rear steering settings, Lexus has improved overall responsiveness. Finally, the panorama roof of the LC Coupé is equipped with colored privacy glass.

The Lexus LC menu is always slightly different in the US and Japan regions. For example, there are three interior options in two shades of brown-black and red-black. Even before Marine Blue Japan became the fourth black-orange. It’s not as Halloween as Americans can hear. Orange instead of brown saddle.2022 Lexus-LC500-Convertible-Marine-Blue 1

Lexus has yet to say if Marine Blue (or any other upgrade) will arrive in the United States, but 2022 Lexus LC500 Convertible may get an update soon. We won’t complain if the new interior is part of the package.