New 2021 Chevy Sonic specs, Release Date, Price

New 2021 Chevy Sonic specs, Release Date, Price – At the in advance 2020 international auto doing Chevrolet will admiration its enthusiasts by introducing the additional Chevy Sonic. The additional model will come considering additional technology, turbo engine, kind features, highly developed design and luxury interior.

New 2021 Chevy Sonic Exterior Design

New 2021 Chevy Sonic is one of the most striking car by design. It is lovely handsome and cold model and enormously recognizable as Chevrolet from any angle. Its large front grille, the chrome edges on the windows and rear bumper, as without difficulty as the models inscription on the doors, find the money for it a luxurious touch, while the wheel arches and the belittle body place have moldings that lose weight visually the silhouette of the car. In addition to providing support adjacent to mud, elements that we know, you will not know much above this car. all models have 18 “wheels, except for our top-of-the-line balance (Premier 1.5 Turbo 6AT AWD), considering 19” wheels.

New 2021 Chevy Sonic Interior

As we know of all Chevy Sonic, we locate a enormously symmetrical console, where there are many interesting things to highlight, predominantly, the materials selected to lid this interior, considering soft polymers, leather-lined panels considering visible seams, color accents Satin aluminum, all without difficulty ordered, at least where it is visible. However, additional coarser polymers still appear in sections where for the price we pay, they should no longer.

The cluster considering the instruments is enormously complete, where a large color screen presents the computer on board, considering consumption figures and some additional information. The freshen conditioning system reminds us a bit of Opel, where a lot of button together finally confuses a bit, there are cleaner and more ergonomic commands in additional models. Above, as always, an 8 “touch screen features the 7” MyLink multimedia system (with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), bluetooth, GPS, steering wheel commands (including some curious hidden buttons on the back, paddle shift type) and 4 USB ports in the front and rear, fittingly that no one runs out of exploit on their phones, an excellent detail for passengers. To the MyLink interface that does weigh a few years, considering that multimedia systems are touching enormously fast in the market, considering more highly developed and lustrous solutions. The Premier New 2021 Chevy Sonicbalance furthermore adds a convenient wireless charger for smartphones, where you lonesome infatuation to put the phone in an indicated area, fittingly that it charges wirelessly and of course, an excellent premium audio system signed by Bose.

The perspective at the wheel is comfortable, although the eco leather seats are somewhat rigid. The visibility is correct, not excellent, penalized by the flanks of the hood, which are a bit high, in addition to the blind bad skin that form behind, because of the design of the ascending windows. Towards the rear seats, there is something enormously positive, which is the flat ground, which allows 5 to go enormously pleasant without complaining just about anything.

General equipment, to believe into account, all Chevy Sonic have commands at the wheel, computer on board, cruise control, electric handbrake, freshen conditioning considering freshen conditioning, keyless access, capacity button, LED spotlights for hours of daylight use and electric mirrors heated, as without difficulty as 17 wheels. on summit of this, the color on-board computer is added, a larger screen for the MyLink system, two-zone climate control, driver’s seat considering electric familiarization and leather cover, as without difficulty as high-discharge front bulbs, foggers, 18 wheels and electric folding mirrors. Our balance wins, apart from what we have already mentioned previously, panoramic roof, hands-free electric start of the trunk, electric seats in both front seats (with driver memory), LED lighting considering adaptive Intellibeam projectors, 19 wheels and rails in the roof.

New 2021 Chevy Sonic Safety

All versions find the money for 6 Airbags, recoil sensor, ESP, traction run and ISOFIX anchors. In the intermediate balance a backup camera and front sensors are added, leaving the Premier balance as the mention in model safety, incorporating stock control, blind spot and infuriated traffic alert, automatic parking assistant, frontal industrial accident lively , electronic braking (use lonesome in the city, at low speed), involuntary assistance of changing lanes and driver’s seat that vibrates to direct you that you are getting out or that you infatuation to put your hands at the rear the wheel before any maneuver.

We exam whatever and the unmodified is that whatever works correctly, considering some observations, for example, the seat that vibrates, a doing that manufacturers usually place on the steering wheel and that will baffle some and the electronic braking system, which could furthermore be extended to your use at tall zeal or considering cruise control. The same, of the pathway change assistance system, which we noticed is somewhat inconsistent, considering situations where it corrects you and does not inform you, or notifies you without correcting, or 2 or none. The rest, excellent, including the parking system that will save several the heighten of placing the car in a parking lot.

New 2021 Chevy Sonic Driving

The New 2021 Chevy Sonic is annoyed by a 1.5 Turbo considering 170 HP and 275 Nm of torque, joined considering a 6-speed automatic transmission and begin & Stop. Its credited consumption is 9.7 km / l in the city and 15.7 km / l on the road. We achieved just about 10 in town and at times, taking care of the foot, the 17 on the road.

The automatic transmission has an L mode that basically activates the calendar mode, considering which you can leave the bin on first or second as needed. The lonesome bad concern is that, to use the calendar mode, Chevrolet another time uses a button on the knob, instead of having paddles at the wheel or a mobile lever, considering the huge majority of boxes. The bin manages greater than before the descents of march that the rises, enormously slow and that privilege the consumption, defense why we advise greater than before to leave it in D.

Where the strongest values of the Chevy Sonic are considering we are already running, considering balanced distribution brakes and tidy bite (in addition to getting more sensitive, considering the car detects that you are regarding faster than you should an obstacle ), a dealing out of friendly sensation in its attendance (good demultiplication, although lightly loaded) and a delay that, although comfortable, is not excessively soft, which allows to gain poise and manoeuvrability. Here the fine platform is quite noticeable, making you gain in agility considering an engine that moves correctly without beast rasping and that we know, would reach greater than before in doing and consumption, considering a calendar bin or a smarter automatic (or more gears). AWD traction shows enormously little in its use, more than whatever in some curve situations.

Chevrolet finally bring New 2021 Chevy Sonic considering prices and equipment according to what the competition offers. From a unmodified multimedia system, ease of use functions such as USB ports and flat showground for passengers, electric trunk considering hands-free opening, technological assistance and more. And that is why the public contributes to the brand of the bowtie in the low segment, because they know that the brand has a lot to offer. Chevy Sonic is a product to which the brand should shine and believe advantage commercially.

New 2021 Chevy Sonic Release Date and Price

The Chevrolet, from its promotion departments leak, find the money for a relish that the New 2021 Chevy Sonic is schedule to introduce to the public in the in advance 2020 international auto show. The additional Chevy Sonic will be ready on the make known on the last quarter of the year. Meanwhile, the auto maker refuses to find the money for the price estimation. Price will be announced near to the launching. (images credit: Chevrolet)